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All you need to know about wooden wicks

Calling all candle lovers! I get inquiries all the time about our wooden wicks. Before trying multiple wicks, I determined that wooden wicks were my absolute favorite and really give you the best possible burn & scent throw. 

Here are some quick facts that will convince you to make the switch from a cotton wick to a wooden wick. 


They create a fast burn pool and also an excellent hot throw.

They have very little carbon buildup and soot coming from the wick when burning. 

They produce a unique horizontal flame.

They are sourced and manufactured here in the US!

They make a crackling sound for a relaxing night in. Its almost like having a fireplace without the hassle of having one!

Now for some burning questions about our wooden wicks… Are wooden wicks really any different from cotton wicks?

The answer is no, but also yes! The basics of lighting and enjoying are fairly similar but there are a few things that will prolong the life of your candle and make sure you have an even flame as well as a strong hot throw. The most important thing to remember is to always trick your wick to ⅛” and should not be any longer. A wick that is too long will be very dim or extinguish the flame easily. This happens because the wax is not able to support the wooden wick. So trim your wicks. A great option to keeping your wicks short, is to invest in this cute but inexpensive wick trimmer. Happy Burning!


Happy Burning!

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